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Delcambre Communications was established in 1945 by Lane LeBlanc and provided local and long distance service to approximately 52 customers in the Delcambre area using a magneta switch board. In June of 1956, a new analog switch was purchased from Stromberg-Carlson that provided dial tone service to the customers. Rotary dial telephones were a common fixture in the homes of many residents in our community as well as telephone booths in some local businesses.

In May of 1960, a Ship-to-Shore Marine Service was established to provide communications for all vessels along the Louisiana gulf coast. To provide this service, a one channel double side band radio was used. Eventually a change to single side band system was made to allow communication on each band, which doubled the number of conversations at one time. The single side band has a 100 mile radius range and was used by boats traveling in the Gulf of Mexico and the Intracoastal Waterway. In June of 1972, two VHF channel radios were installed, which increased the ship-to-shore communications twofold. The VHF bands were used by boats traveling in the Vermilion Bay, nearby canals, and marshes of South Louisiana, covering a radius of approximately 50 miles. With the move to cell phones the marine service has since been closed down.

A new Siemens digital switch was installed in September of 1989 to provide state of the art telephone services such as call waiting, call forwarding, and later caller ID. Gone were the rotary phones replaced with new multi featured phones.

The 1990’s introduced the beginning of the information age which gave us the internet. Dial up internet was provided to our customers in the late 90’s and later upgraded to high speed DSL internet, which allowed customers to use their internet service without tying up their phone lines.

Hurricane Rita blasted into Delcambre in September of 2005 flooding the community. The phone company’s central office was flooded, destroying the digital switch. Instead of replacing the unit with another circuit switch, the company opted to replace it with a more modern softswitch, giving the company a massive technological upgrade. The company has since built an elevated central office in order to houses this new equipment.

We are confident, that even as a small company, we can provide outstanding communication service as well as respond to your needs and problems as a person rather than a number. Our employees will not only serve you as a customer, but also as a member of your community. We hope that we can always play a major part in providing you with the best affordable communications service available.

Mr. Lane passed away in February of 2008, but we are still locally owned and operated by Matt LeBlanc, a nephew of Mr. Lane. Matt has been with Delcambre Communications for over 30 years and he plans to continue to provide the most up to date features and services available to the customers of Delcambre Communications.

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