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Calling Feature Descriptions

These are our most popular local rate special features.

Call Return

*69 The subscriber no longer needs to worry about missed calls. Call Return also stops the need to drop everything and rush to the telephone to answer a call. It can also stop the frustration that occurs when a rush is made to answer the phone only to have the calling party hang up.

Call Screening

*60 This feature allows a subscriber to block unwanted and/or harassing calls. After the subscriber receives an unwanted call, the number can be programmed into the list. The real advantage of this feature is that the subscriber does not need to know what the calling number was. 

Call Trace

*57 This feature give the subscriber the ability to trace harassing calls. Typically, such calls can ultimately be stopped if they can be traced back to the offender.

Call Waiting

Feature informs you with a burst of tone that another call is waiting to be answered.

Caller ID

The subscriber is able to view the number and name of the incoming caller and decide whether or not to answer it.

Conference Calling


  • Connect up to 40 people, instantly and easily
  • User friendly


  • 24 hours a day
  • 365 days a year
  • Instant operator assistance
  • Reservations not required


  • Reduce operating expenses
  • World wide
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • No contract or minimum commitment
  • One Telephone Bill


(800) toll free per line $0.25 per minute,non-toll free per line $0.20 per minute

Fixed Call Forwarding

Fixed Call Forwarding to a fixed number immediately. With this option, the forward-to number has been selected by you and permanently programmed by the telephone company.

Long Distance Control with Pin Number

This feature allows a subscriber the ability to control who can make a long distance call from that phone number. By requiring a pin number to be dialed before any long distance calls can be made.

Preferred Call Forward

*63 This feature is particularly advantageous to a subscriber who is expecting an important call and is going out of town or to a location served by a long distance number. Only those calls from directory numbers programmed into the list by the subscriber will be forwarded.

Priority Ringing

*61 This feature allows a subscriber to identify special and important calls by listening to the calling party’s distinctive ringing pattern. The subscriber is thus able to decide whether or not to answer the call based on the recognized ringing pattern.

Repeat Dial

*66 The Subscriber no longer needs to waste time continuously trying to redial a busy number. The subscriber can be assured that the call will be completed when a number becomes idle.

Special Call Acceptance

*64 Special call acceptance is especially important to those subscribers who do not wish to be interrupted by callers other than those from directory numbers programmed by themselves. The feature allows only those calls given importance by the subscriber to ring through; all other are routed to a special announcement.

Speed Dialing (8 or 30)

Permits a subscriber to call pre-selected frequently used telephone numbers by dialing fewer digits. There are two options: an 8 or a 30 numbers to be assigned option.

Teen Ring

You can add one or two additional telephone numbers to your current phone number. Each number will be assigned a distinctive ring, so you can tell which is being called.

Three Way Calling

Allows a subscriber to add a third party to an existing conversation.

Variable Call Forwarding

With this option you select the forward-to number when you activate call forwarding.

Voice Mail

Allows a subscriber to add voice mail with unlimited mail boxes. (Three mail boxes with no additional cost with Basic-Voice Mail).

Local Optional Service (LOS)

LOS is a calling plan that can save you money on direct calls made to areas within 40 miles of Delcambre Communications’ exchange area (685). Once your calls reach $15.00 for residence or $25.00 for business you will not be billed for any other calls within the 40 miles area. If your usage is below the capped price, you pay only for the calls you make at a greatly reduced rate.

Inter-state and Intra-state Long Distance Plans

800 service numbers

Rate Per Minute: $0.13 Monthly Fee: $3.95

Intrastate Directory Assistance

Intrastate/IntraLATA Directory Assistance to 1+337-555-1212 and Intrastate/InterLATA Directory Assistance calls. This rate does not vary by evening or night. Each DA Call: $1.00

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